How to Choose the Best Cuts of Meat for BBQ

When it comes to BBQ, the cut of meat you choose can make all the difference. At John Mull’s Meats & Road Kill Grill, we know a thing or two about selecting the best cuts for grilling. Here’s our guide to help you pick the perfect meat for your next BBQ.


  1. Brisket: Known for its rich flavor and tenderness when cooked low and slow. Ideal for smoking.
  2. Ribs: Beef ribs, particularly short ribs, are meaty and full of flavor. Perfect for smoking or slow-cooking.
  3. Steak: Cuts like ribeye, T-bone, and sirloin are great for grilling over high heat. Look for marbling for added flavor.


  1. Pork Shoulder: Also known as Boston butt, this cut is perfect for pulled pork. It’s well-marbled and becomes tender when slow-cooked.
  2. Baby Back Ribs: These ribs are leaner and more tender than spare ribs. They cook faster and are great for grilling or smoking.
  3. Pork Belly: A fatty cut that’s perfect for making bacon or slow-cooked dishes like pork belly burnt ends.


  1. Chicken Thighs: Juicier and more flavorful than breasts, thighs are great for grilling and smoking.
  2. Whole Chicken: Smoking a whole chicken can infuse it with deep flavor. Look for free-range birds for the best quality.
  3. Turkey Legs: These are a BBQ favorite, especially when smoked. They’re hearty and full of flavor.

Specialty Meats:

  1. Lamb: Cuts like lamb shoulder and ribs can add variety to your BBQ. They’re best when marinated and slow-cooked.
  2. Game Meats: Venison, elk, and boar are unique options that offer rich, gamey flavors. Perfect for adventurous BBQ enthusiasts.

Tips for Choosing the Best Cuts:

  1. Know Your Source: Purchase from a reputable butcher or meat market. At John Mull’s Meats, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality meats.
  2. Look for Marbling: Intramuscular fat (marbling) enhances flavor and tenderness.
  3. Consider the Cooking Method: Different cuts are suited to different cooking methods. Choose accordingly to get the best results.

Selecting the right cut of meat is the first step to BBQ success. Visit John Mull’s Meats & Road Kill Grill for expert advice and top-quality meats. Happy grilling!